Keep an eye on your dog's

The Woof is a GPS tracker utilising LTE-M connectivity, offering wider coverage and better battery life. Keeping your dog safe has never been easier!

Real time location tracking

In lost dog mode location gets updated in real time so you don't have to worry about latency.

Safe zone

Setup a safe zone and get pinged anytime your dog leaves it!

LTE-M and 5G

Our tracker works with 5G networks to ensure the best connection available!

Attach to a collar. Or a harness. Or
anything in between.

Even the best tracker won't help if it stays home. The Woof can be attached to most collars and harnesses so you don't need to change your walking gear or make your dog wear two collars. We make it as easy as possible for you to integrate The Woof in your and your dog's daily life!

Your dog's safety is
what matters the most

"Thanks to The Woof, I don't have to constantly worry when walking Jamie anymore. Even if he chases after a squirrel or a deer I will be able to locate him quite quickly with the lostdog mode on"

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