New approach to pet care

Early diagnosis
makes treatment easier

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of senior dogs experience heart problems
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of dogs suffer from hip dysplasia
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of dogs will suffer from cancer

What is The Woof's health monitor?

Innovative approach to pet care! Using cutting edge technology and the power of AI our team developed autonomous algorithms to monitor dogs vital signals. The collar adapts to your dog, thanks to which all parameters and recommendations are customised only for it. We work with large amounts of data to better understand canine behaviour and, as a result, give our four-legged friends the best care possible.

"Many chronic conditions can cause changes in a dog’s activity. Conditions such as cardiac disease and osteoarthritis can compromise mobility, whereas a condition such as pruritus could increase an animal’s activity."

What vitals do we track?


Regular activity that matches your dog's needs is crucial for both mental and physical wellbeing.


Every dog barks but when it's excessive and lasts for long periods, especially when you're not around, it can be an issue.

Coughs and heavy breaths

Coughing and heavy breathing are vitals owners often miss. They can be symptoms of many underlying health conditions, including heart disease so it's important to keep an eye on those.


Sleep is a basic need for every animal. Quality of sleep has a direct correlation to overall wellbeing.


Scratching is a natural thing for dogs but when it becomes excessive it can point to various health conditions.


Licking is a natural way of keeping clean but when it becomes too much it might mean allergies or behavioural problems.


Sudden appetite loss is often one of the first indicators of a health problem. Thanks to The Woof you won't miss it.

Water consumption

Adequate hydration is crucial to any dog's health. Sudden loss of thirst or an increased need for water consumption often points to many health problems.

Keep a better eye on your dog
with The Woof!

"For dogs suffering from heart disease, structured home-based care programs that include continuous monitoring of respiratory rate and heart rate while attending to appetite and ideal body weight are encouraged. A higher than normal resting respiratory rate is one of the most pertinent indicators of impending heart failure."

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