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The Woof mobile app is designed to be your and your dog's best buddy. Not only can you track your dog's location, but you can also view it's activity and health stats, browse our social features, set vet appointment reminders, store medical data and much more!

Activity overview

All of your dog's activity is now available only a few taps away! Our mobile app breaks down your pooches activity patterns into easy to understand statistics. From kilometres and steps, to intensity and calories, we track it all!

Health statistics

We present all data from the health monitor in an easy and approachable way. Check how your pooch feels, what has changed in its behavior and whether anything may require your direct attention. With The Woof you can rest easy knowing that our system works 24/7 taking care of your dog!

Documents, reminders and important notes

Store everything that matters. Our app lets you store PDF files and pictures so you can always have your dog's medical data on hand. In addition you can add notes about important health related issues, set reminders about medications or vaccinations and much more! 

Community of pet parents

Create your dog's social profile, upload your favorite photos and share your social media. Add friends and check how active they are. Take part in challenges, earn achievements and become The Woof's #1!

The best mobile app
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