The smartest dog collar

First ever smart collar to combine a GPS tracker with complex health and activity monitoring. The Woof changes the way we care for pets!

The smartest dog collar

First ever smart collar to combine a GPS tracker with complex health and activity monitoring. The Woof changes the way we care for pets!

New breed of technology for safer, healthier and happier dogs!

Monitoring your dog's health, activity and location has never been easier. All the information about your dog is easily accessible through our mobile app available for iOS and Android.

aplikacja mobilna The Woof

The Woof brings pet care to new levels. We combined state of the art technology with expert dog knowledge to bring you the ultimate pet health monitor. We track changes in your dog's vital signals and behaviour and let you know when something looks suspicious. We work with millions of data points and improve our system every day.

Activity is a key to healthy and well balanced life. Either too little or too much activity can cause issues so The Woof adapts to each dog, taking into account a number of factors such as age, weight but also individual preferences. After all, every dog is different and our system reflects it. 

We know how important safety is, which is why The Woof is a GPS tracker utilising LTE-M connectivity which is the most innovative network available for connected devices .It offers wider coverage and better battery life. In addition The Woof works in over 100 countries so you don't have to worry about losing your pet no matter where you are.

Rankings, friends, challenges and achievements. Our app offers many ways to make activity more fun and engaging while allowing you to showcase your pet and share it with our community! 

"The amount of insights that The Woof gives me everyday is mazing! I no longer worry about missing something in Trytka's behaviour, because I know that the collar will catch it for me! Plus, we can compete with friends and motivate ourselves to be more active together. I love it !"

Made for adventure lovers...

No matter if it's the sea, forests or mountains you love- take The Woof anywhere adventure calls! Our tracker is waterproof and dog-proof so you don't have to worry about any weather conditions or rough plays. Keep your pet safe on all your walks and don't forget to check out activity statistics at the end of it!

...and those who prefer to stay at home.

Healthy sleep, daily routine or amount of food consumed are just as important for you dog's overall health as activity. The Woof is a tracker that helps you daily no matter what you like doing together. If your dog is not an activity enthusiast, or is simply getting older, The Woof will help you keep an eye on the vitals and maintain a healthy daily routine.

Developed with experts


The Woof was developed in collaboration with veterinarians and scholars so you can rest assured we know what we are doing. Everything we track has it's scientific reasons and we made sure our readings are valuable to both you and your dog's veterinarian.

Animal Behaviorists

Physical health is only one aspect of healthy lifestyle so The Woof focuses on dogs psyche as well. In collaboration with dog experts we built our system for tracking behavioural changes as well.


No, The Woof is absolutely not a shock collar. The Woof is a smart pet collar that offers GPS tracking, health and activity monitoring as well as lots of fun social features!

Yes, in order to use The Woof's features you need to have an active subscription. It's a monthly fee that covers ALL of the features our system offers (as well as all the new features we will be realising). The price also includes GPS tracking in over a 100 countries!

The Woof is 62mm by 33mm by 22.5mm and fits dogs starting at just 3kg!

Battery life varies depending on your dog's lifestyle and activity levels and ranges from 3 to 31 days.

Yes! Our lostdog mode allows you to track your dog's whereabouts in real time!  

Soon! We are running extensive beta tests now and will start soon preorders!

We are supported by Google

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